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I have used Roidrx many times and never an issue! Takes 3 days to get to me, never a day late. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants quality gear with an efficient delivery.
- Jeremy

I just finished walking through my long time gym partner with his first order. He has been humming and hawing for at least 6 years. When he found out I'm gonna be leaving him in the dust again, real soon. He wouldn't shut up until I walked him through it. Last time I did a cycle while training with him. He said he almost killed himself trying to keep up. He is the kind of guy who won't even admit to being sore. He finally admitted he couldn't even walk after our work outs. His wife had to do everything for him. She was most pissed off because even the thought of having sex would bring tears to his eyes. "She would probably leave me if I put her through that again". Lol, she is gonna be loving him once he is deep into his t400. Cheers!!!
- CP


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Frequently Asked Questions

Steroids are natural hormones that your body produces. Anabolic steroids on the other hand, are man-made synthetic versions of the male sex hormone testosterone.
Steroids are extremely safe. They have been used for decades to successfully treat a number of conditions. As Dr. Michael Jin put it "Anabolic steroids are among the safest drugs. Eating a cheesecake is probably more dangerous. Seriously."
You do not need a prescription from a Doctor to purchase steroids online. You do need a prescription to buy steroids from a local, brick-and-mortar pharmacy.